Talk about a punch to the gut.


Have been playing on my secondary acct and played some of the last Event (ended today) with a bunch of Golds that I bought and my free Diamonds from the OD Moments and Show Shop pack; jyst to complete the H2H requirements for all the Player Programs.

Anyway, not one single Silver player on my team. (Didnt want to buy any because I planned on getting the free TA Packs and didn't want to have to worry about having non-sellable dupes).

Well, I still need to do the Moments for all of them; plus about half of the online stats and was planning on using today's Event.

Yep, not gonna happen because I refuse to buy Silvers, at close to Gold QS prices, just to get my @$$ handed to me online.

Guess I'm hammering out the Moments and either playing 9inn CPU games or waiting for another Event.


whats the event req. im at work?


I believe its All Star, Vets, Rooks, Breakout and Awards