I have stocked up on an obscene number of cards at obscenely low prices, so now I want to share the wealth.

You might want to check the FA market to see if there’s anyone you recognize who shouldn’t be there or who you know will be moving to your team’s active roster soon. I don’t want to violate TOS by manipulating the market with specific names, but in the past week or so I have bought enough of two guys to be able to do 13 TA exchanges for under 1.75k per exchange. One guy is currently on an active roster and appearing in games, so he should have been moved to his LS team. I’m assuming he’ll be moved on the next update. Another is a guy who was on the IL and will be returning to the active roster very very soon (the secret seems to be out on him though... he’s not really a super bargain anymore).

Anyway, you guy’s know your favorite teams’ rosters, so you may be able to find some cheap cards that’ll pay off later.