What to do on the Market after Trout


Video discusses what to invest in the market regardless if you have Mantle and Trout done already.

If you do not have either or one of them done, what is the best way to get them done as cheap as possible now.


Videos will be coming out a lot less now that the market will not be changing as often. So subscribe to know when i post a new video, which will be when i think something is going to shake up the market.


Hey, thanks for the discussion

I am at 11/15 collections done. Will get FS done soon. The ones I want to avoid for sure are HRD and prospects. Not sure about postseason either...

My dilemma is for the PS collection I have 11/15 and also have Eddie Murray but haven't locked him in (he would be 12). Would you just sell Eddie now before the new content Tuesday?


Post season cards have been high , but stable. Don’t see them going any higher. Besides. The sell now and buy now are greater than 10%. Can’t lose if you sell it and need buy back later. Set will only grow as game goes on.


Thanks that makes sense