The first game I played was 18, I played like 7 games in online seasons right at the beginning then never played any online mode again. I've just been doing moments and conquest since then but I suddenly got bored and started playing BR again. So far I'm noticing the same thing in every game. I get destroyed with 4-6 runs against in the first inning in most games, very rarely it's the other way around but either way seems like too much for a single inning. Always the first, then I do fine in the rest of the game. I also never climb back except for one game where I came back from 0-5 in the first to 6 straight runs in the 3rd but still ended up losing. But the bigger problem is that there is this delay that constantly happens at certain times which has made it easier to hit pitches, but harder to catch, throw, and base run. I see my opponents struggle with it more but it is still problematic for me too. I've lost a lot of games because of it usually because it makes me run to one base too many, or too few where I would have scored more if I had ran that extra base. Sometimes it even works in my favor by turning a double into a triple. Overall it's just so bad compared to playing vs AI, I want to play for the good rewards, but I really hate this delay which is costing me wins. I mean I would be just so angry if I was 11-0 and I end up losing just cause the game caused me to take an extra base. Even when I spam the d pad and button to keep the runner at the desired base it doesnt work - there is simply no way to get around the problems this delay causes.