LS market


I know way too many people are flush with stubs now yesterday after the Trout collection sell off and I know the market is going to be crazy for a while unless SDS does something to liquidate some of the excess stubs (pack sales, flash sales, another DOTP round). I know the legends and flashback cards are going to be naturally inflated for a while (though I hope not too long since I’m close to Trout and just don’t want to spend the high current prices to ge there).

But man, it would be nice if the market on LS would drop a bit and normalize. It’s inflated too, IMO. Maybe those high diamonds aren’t as high anymore but everything else is.

I guess it’s showdown grind time for me to advance TAs. I was kind of enjoying the experience of exchanging my way up the ladder.


I bought 1000+ legend bronzes last market crash, bought all for under $65 stubs selling all the bronzes for over $900 stubs. Love it!

Here is x200 Jimmie Fox

Got Mantle & Trout ..... rest of the year is going to be chill. Unloaded about 500 cards yesterday.

Collecting is my favorite part of MLB The Show 20 ....I'm old and don't have the reflexes for high queso.


Market will stay high for LS cards because getting FOF and FS help to get Trout, so this affects the ability to exchange for 10 affinity.