Just hit 600 Stars and have my choice of Griffey, Robinson, or Piazza. Naturally, the one that wirth the most would be the norm; but I have yet to hit 300 in the 6th inning, so I can still pick one when I hit that.

I'm keaning towards Griffey now and selling him while the price is inflated and then grab him once I hit 300 in his program.

Any reason that I shouldnt sell him and pick Robinson or Piazza when I hit 30p in the 6th Inn?

Outfield is Williams, Mays, and Ichiro now. So if I keep Griffey now, Ichiro will go to the bench.

I have Alomar or Hornsby at 2nd and Pudge at Catcher, so Robinson and Piazza would be bench bats.

Only reason to take Griffey now, and possibly Piazza in the 6th, is I could sub in Ichiro to run for Pudge/Piazza and replace with the other; but i also have my CAP at catcher.

I think I'm leaning towards Griffey and selling him.


Griffey is a great bat but his defense is horrible at times. As a huge Griffey fan I cringe when he has to run to catch a ball because he has common defense at times


Are you going to use Jackie or Piazza?

If you would only use Griff just take him now.