I see that it's about a 50/50 split on Trout being the Chase 'reward' that dropped today.

I've also seen that if you collected what you were supposed to collect, since release, you were able to obtain him right away. And some people even made stubs.

But I'm sitting here thinking.

The tag line on the calender stated 'Let the Chase begin'.....

What if, and this may be a big if, Trout is just the FIRST player to be released and there will ve more players released through the year; with a MAJOR legend being the final one and you have to collect the ones on the way?

If I remember correctly from the release stream; the reason they said they stopped allowing you to QS a collected card was that people uaed it as a way to get Honus fast.

Well, people have Trout Day 1. If they didnt want to to have this year's Honus that fast, it makes sense that this Trout is just the tip of the iceberg.