Does this game, when online, just randomly switch between difficulty levels?

One game I was playing against a 83-gold pitcher and he was throwing pitches that seemed to defy physics. Fast balls coming at me that I knew were headed outside that just stopped on the inside edge of the zone for strikes. Change-ups and curves that dropped 4 feet after entering the zone.
High fast balls that were all called "very late". After about 5 of those I actually put the PCI at the top of the zone and swung extremely early...still "very late". Slider's just coming through the zone and me lining-up on them and not even making contact. When I would make contact (which was many times) it was always a pop-up or an anemic fly ball. It wasn't even fun it was so difficult.

Next game I'm going against 99 Kluber and just sticking my bat out there and battering Kluber. Hit a homerun on a checked swing. It wasn't even fun it was so easy.

So, is the game that random? That player cards ratings don't really come into play? Just wondering if someone could give me direction.