Bellinger/Lineup help


So I’m just now getting Potm Bellinger (yes I know I’m probably the last person in the world to get him, don’t judge) but am struggling on who to decide to take out of the lineup. Right now I have Harmon at first Brett at 3rd and Dawson in center. I could put Belli at first move Harmon to third and sell Brett or sell Dawson to put Cody in center. My corner outfield spots right now are Reggie and Dante Bichette (for some reason my best hitter) so probably going to keep them there. Any insight would be appreciated!


I think that all of the decisions you named would best be answered on the basis of how you do with each of them personally, since they are similarly studly players.

In the same position, I would in fact do what you first referenced: move Harmon to third and put Bellinger at 1st.

I do realize that Brett seems to hit above his ratings, but Killebrew seems to hit at his ratings which is probably still better than Brett. And I don't care a ton about defense at the corner positions, hence preferring Harmon to Brett. I don't like the idea of playing my CF out of position. In a game full of stacked defensive CF, I think it's a disadvantage to make such a move.

Edit: I mean I don't like playing my CF at secondary position.


Bellinger rakes, but more importantly, he's a solid defender. If you get him in your lineup, don't waste him at 1st. I've got him slated in LF.