Just lost an events game 2-1 in the bottom of the 18th lol. Was 1-1 the whole game from the 2nd or 3rd on. Idk if it was because I was away or just the game not wanting someone to win because I had plenty of balls with good feedback that never dropped for hits. My opponent also had some solid contact on balls that wasn’t hits either. Between 14 innings it was 1 run and 5 hits for each of us with the game ending 2-1 and 10 hits for both. Idk if I’d rather have guys start on 2nd in extras and play or play a game that’s a blowout and goes to extras but 18 innings on AS with 3 runs scored just should not be happening with the way this game plays and the lower energy. It was a great game and this is a rant at just trying to not play games that far into extras.