Cards from past games you'd love to see return


I was going through the Flashbacks and Legends from The Show 16 before the servers go down tomorrow and man, there are so many cool cards that would be awesome to have in The Show 20 (or even next year). For me, The Show 16 was so special to me because that was my first game I really got into Diamond Dynasty.

Personally, there are two cards that I would lose my mind over and they aren't guys that immediately come to mind or are often requested:

A.J. Pierzynski (89 OVR) Prime Flashback

Alexei Ramirez (91 OVR) Rookie Flashback

These two cards are so near and dear to my heart. Two of my favorite players that we've ever had (alongside Mark Buehrle). If they brought these back, I would pay a stupid amount of Stubs for them. Plus, how cool would it be to have a good lefty swinging catcher? Aw man, please make it happen SDS!

There are so many more cards that I'd love to see too; cards like...

Jonathan Papelbon (95 OVR) Rookie Flashback

Neftali Feliz (85 OVR) Rookie Flashback

Justin Morneau (95 OVR) Prime Flashback

Koji Uehara (95 OVR) Prime Flashback

Joe Mauer (99 OVR) Prime Flashback

Tim Lincecum (97 OVR) Prime Flashback

Prince FIelder (96 OVR) Prime Flashback

Carlos Beltran (99) Post-Season Flashback

David Freese (91 OVR) Post-Season Flashback

I know a lot of you will be with me on cards like Lincecum, Mauer, and Fielder but that PS Beltran was probably the best card in the game. He was just a monster! One low-key Legend I'd love to see return is Justin Morneau. He'd be a fun card in like a Sig Series or something.

What are some cards you wish could come back?


Surely Postseason Schwarbomb makes an appearance this year Inning Program player is my only thought to where he'd go though.

There was a Gold AS Colby Rasmus from '17 that I was always pretty clutch with. The two of those back to back in my lineup. Someone was going yard. I was screwed against lefties though. LOL


One of my Favorites has always been Jose Bautista Postseason 94 overall.


FYI if they are retired they cannot have flashback cards. Legend cards they can have.


Stocker please.