I know some people will say “no it’s not possible” but I say it is. Cheating online.

I just played an event game (can’t say the username unfortunately) where in top of the 1st I was in the field, I counted 7 (yes 7 I counted them) plays where balls where balls where hit right to my players. The infielders either bobbled a ground ball or fielded it cleanly but didn’t throw. Or they were hit to the outfielders who either bobbled the grounder or just lazily reached for it and missed. In the end there were no errors counted against me. You can’t tell me something fishy is going one.

I’ve seen it too many times in COD. So if it happens there I know it happens here. Difference is something is being done about it in COD. All just for the wins or the stats. Pretty sad.


I’m sorry this happened to you