I am overwhelmed right now


We just got a huge amount of content dropped, plus the Flash Sales, so much baseball to watch today, and I have to say, today has been so much fun already!

With the Flash Sales, I was able to retire Post-Season Griffey Jr. -- who has been an absolute stud for me in over 200 ABs -- with HRD Griffey Jr. and in my first at-bat with him, I smoke a high fastball into the right-center.

I'm also looking forward to using the new Corey Seager and Andrelton Simmons. And speaking of Simmons, the new event looks like it'll be a lot of fun with some sweet rewards. I might finally get my first Prestige.

... and then we got the main dish: Jimmy Rollins, Greg Maddux, and Stan Musial. All three of these cards will make my squad in one way or another. This has been, in my opinion, the best collection of three Inning Program Bosses that they've ever done.

[Edit]... and I forgot that we now have Inside Edge again finally! Live Series cards will actually be pretty fun to use again.


Not to mention the new J.D Martinez headliner