So I hate showdowns, and I suck at them. I've beaten the NL West 1x. But this Opening Day showdown was literally the easiest showdown ever. Went through the whole thing for the stubs and XP and got to final boss Mo tied at 4. Walk off HR first batter of the game Juan Pierre!! I can't wait to try out that Encarnacion card. Big time power, and I love the sig series card art! Just prestiged Belli last night, so now ill probably platoon him and Edwin at 1B. I atleast have a righty power bat off the bench.
Then I decided to do the moments. Finished them all first shot and got Lindor as my reward. Took me about an hour and a half for everything. Sold him for 6k stubs because I already have him locked in. Overall, I really liked the new content!!!