Hitting in this game


I'm new to this game, but I've noticed in just a short time the hitting and pitching just seem random. I'll swing at a pitch in the same location against the same pitcher and pitch and sometimes it's perfect and a homerun, but the exact same scenario is a pop-up. I know I'm swinging at the same pace.

And the pitching against the computer is just sideways. I'll throw pitches that every batter just whiffs on. Then some random batter (not even a big power threat) comes up and I'll throw one outside the zone...and the batter blasts it out of the park. Look at the pitching square and it shows my pitch right in the middle of the plate. Then after the computer gets the one run it needs to win..every batter starts whiffing again. Strange.

What can I do to get better in this game when it plays like this? Please.


I've never seen a perfect/perfect middle swing go as a pop-up and I play this game a lot.

Sometimes it's a lazy flyball, or sometimes it's just a warning shot yes, but never a pop-up

Unless you are talking about using directional here and not the pci, which is the only logical reason I can think of. And if that's the case, then that's on you, using directional is leaving yourself up to way more rng


I use zone. I'm not saying a perfect/perfect is a pop-up. I've never experienced a pop-up on a perfect/perfect. A lot of outs in key situations with perfect/perfect. I don't get a lot of them. Most of mine are just good...but good is sometimes a 90 mph scorcher down the line, sometimes it's a can of corn pop-up. And I know it's the same swing.

I hit a home run earlier today on what I thought was a check swing. It really surprised me because I thought another pop-up and it just flew over the fence.

I feel I'm not going to get better. I need consistent feedback to get better. Technique is everything, but this game doesn't seem weighted on technique. I'm not a quitter though. Will see if my experience changes over time. I hope so, because the game is really cool.