Depth perception


I have been grinding the event recently but I am having a devil of time trying to hit.

I seem to be early on everything. No matter the pitch FB, Slider, Change I am early.

My problem seems to be depth perception. I simply cannot tell how far away the ball is, resulting in my being early almost all the time. And when I tell myself to sit back, I end up being too late, it is frustrating as heck.

I currently use Strike zone high and I have managed to be somewhat competitive playing this way.
I am around .500 for the event (over 120 games played).

BTW, if you want to prestige a pitcher play me, I am good for at least 10k's a game...LOL
Any help would be appreciated.


try alternating between SZ, SZ2 & SZ High depending on how you're hitting.. for example facing Kluber I go SZ but for Hal i go SZ High.
Also don't try to hit every pitch in the zone, sit fastball & adjust.
Take many pitches with leadoff batter & use this at bat to 'track' pitches with PCI to get a better understanding of speed differentials