PCI / Batter Analysis Tutorial


If physics and all that is truly involved, it'd be pretty cool if for 20 there was some sort of tutorial going over the basics for new players, and maybe an even more in depth tutorial going over the batter analysis and how that can be interpreted, different hit types, timing, etc.

Right now, it feels like that's all flashy stuff and for show and there is no real depth or meaning to much of it. Does anyone really know what this stuff means or how it correlates to results? I've only ever seen split opinions and arguments over it.

Just a QOL suggestion that may help ease some minds. Especially if they're anything like me when they see 6 red 15s, a 13 and 14 as 8 of your outs in a 3 inning BR game and start scratching your head and questioning life decisions.


the thing that gets me the most is 7s and 8s. ppl see they are half of the best number and assume it should be terrible.half is subjective though, half a dollar is not very good ,half a billion however........