Mark Reynolds Player Challenge


For about the past hour or so, I've been working on completing the Mark Reynolds challenge. The challenges have been pretty easy apart from the "100th Career Home Run", which is taking quite a while to complete.

Generally speaking, I would love it if the game collected and displayed cumulative statistics for things like the Challenges. Information on attempts, batting average within the challenge, etc... would be cool to see, something which comes to mind particularly during this one.

One odd thing is that I'm hitting somewhere around .750 to .800, hitting the cover off of the ball game after game with 100+ mph line drives. It's just that so far, through about 50 games played, none have landed beyond the wall. Six balls have gone over the wall, but been caught by Hunter Pence. It's like the Chris Davis season when he was robbed more than a dozen times.

I've had streaks of a dozen AB with a hit, hit a ball off of Drew Smyly's head which was caught by the RF for an out, hit a screamer off of the corner of the 2B bag in the air, and been hit by seven pitches. It's getting a touch annoying, as completion of this challenge will finish the program.

Anyone else out there find this challenge to be particularly tough to finish? It's really weird to have such enormous success at the plate by normal standards only to fail continually at the mission. 🐷

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Heh. Three at-bats after posting the above... 433 feet over the left-center wall.

Forgot one other really bizarre situation: went 10-for-11 in a game which the Diamondbacks won by 30+ runs. Stats like that would be great if they counted for anything outside the challenge.