Sometimes I swear the AI code gets "stuck". A pattern will start to emerge for several games. Don't know if it's lag related and AI compensation for the network issues. Or a recent fix that has affect.

Last night I played a game that went 17 innings 0-0. Everything I would hit was at least "good" but nothing would fall in. I'm sure my opponent was experiencing the same. One of those times you know the AI has flipped the "no runs" switch. No different than it occasionally does in Showdown and what not.

Finally we decided to just do a friendly. Hated to, but we both realized we were headed for one of those infuriating losses on an AI gimme HR or some ridiculous error. I understand it's difficult to design a game that is perfect, but predictable is never fun.

So, the next game I started was rolling along exactly the same. 8 innings of the same "no runs" code invasively controlling the match. At some point in the 8th I get a double and am trucking into 2nd on a ball being thrown in from RF. it was a stand-up double, but my base-runner just rounds 2nd and starts heading to 3rd. Of course...Out. I quit..just couldn't take the OBVIOUS manipulation anymore.

For God's sake why can't this game consistently maintain an immersive and believable flow? All I want, and anyone I would imagine, is a game that the AI can project that appears like a real experience. As soon as the goofy stuff starts we're suddenly yanked out of that pretty cool world of make-believe where we "feel" like we're are actually playing a baseball game. And are reminded that, no, it's not you it's the software that's making the decisions.

Anyway, 2 games in a row of 0-0. 2 different opponents...25 consecutive innings. I'm not saying that has NEVER actually happened in MLB, but I'll take a guess it hasn't happened more than once every decade or so.