I win a lot of games because the AI just goes off into NeverCanHappenLand with it's shenanigans. Would not lie and say it's not so. Obviously it's a lot more fun when the AI is on your side in a game and commits ridiculous animation that has nothing to do with human controller input.

I've probably ran into a lot worse than what just happened, but it's pretty par for the course MTS takes. One of those games where you're playing what is "pretty likely" a much inferior team. No offense, but a bronze50 with a [censored] lineup. Call a spade a spade here. So, as quite often happens the AI decides to help out the newbie.

I'm "assuming" I'm playing against some one using directional because they are just flailing away. 10 of the first 11 batters struck out. Then comes the moment that has repeated itself too many times, but I've gotten tolerant. I throw a perfect slider inside the edge of the box. He blasts it out of the park. The animation shows it crossing the exact middle of the plate. Again, this is nothing new and didn't bother me as much as it once did.
I'm queuing up on everything he throws...but, naturally, they are all popped-up, cans-of-corn, line-drives right at 'em, or the "thrilling" warning track shots. So he has the 1-0 lead because of that AWESOME HR he hit.

But, here's where it got really odd. I lose my ability to find the strike zone..which is pretty hard to do since his strike-zone had been the ballpark up until this moment. Well Jackie Robinson walks. He steals 2nd. Then the AI decided to pad the newbie's lead and leave me scratching my head.

With Robinson on 2nd. I'm setting up a fast-ball up in case he steals again. I'm starting my wind up I thought...suddenly the animation changes and I'm spinning around to pick off Robinson who is running to 3rd. The fast ball that I was trying to pitch suddenly is an errant throw to 2nd that flies the 2nd baseman and travels into the OF. Robinson scores, it was more than I could take..I quit.

Is it OK to post video clips of plays on this forum? I ask because I was banned for posting one a few weeks ago. Is it because they don't want the new players that haven't been yet indoctrinated into the peculiarity of the game how zany it can get?

If it's allowed I got a couple doozies I would like to share.