I know a lot of ppl have posted that as soon as the AI starts hiccuping and animating impossible stuff they quit. Some call it rage..some just call it "here we go again you crazy AI" and let's just truncate this trainwreck that's coming as quickly as possible.

Most know the game is a crapshoot and when the numbers line up for you..you'll win...otherwise you won't.

Quickly to the point for those that just truncate the game when you "see the signs" what is normally the tipping point that you might as well exit early?

With me it's an ace pitcher with 90+ control that can't throw strikes. Working the edges and everything is a ball. Obviously you have to come inside to appease the AI and, of course, you get hammered. That and any time I give up a first pitch HR on a ball outside the zone....it's BYE-BYE. I've lost over 100 games 0-0.

And, I'm not proud, but really don't care. The game needs to be more realistic and immersive and I won't quit. That simple. It's futile to hang around and waste minutes you could be starting another game the AI does decide to modify the script a little more evenly.