Do Player Attributes Really Matter For Check Swings?


I know that attributes matter when it comes to the obvious ones like Contact, Power, Speed, etc.

But what attributes affect check-swinging? I'm not one to check swing much, but when I do, it seems like my batter always check swings through the pitch for a strike when I know I've only tapped the swing button. And this happens consistently to batters with high batting attributes. I wouldn't even mind if they did away with check-swinging as a whole. I just feel that the current state that it's in, is horrendous, and so random. You guys agree or are ok with the way it is right now?


I think only discipline matters when it comes to stats factoring into check swings, it's some combination of discipline, user input, and RNG.

But yeah, not really happy with the current way check swings are.


If they changed the called strike rate to about 80% instead of 5%, I'd be fine with check swings. I even get a little check swing happy myself when I do something like go from my Legend custom league to BR, but I should be punished for that.

And as far as I know, only discipline and the "Walker" quirk affects check swings.