Unauthorized Sock Problem


Okay. Enough complaining about RNG and change-ups forced over the middle of the plate. This is serious.

So I'm playing some RS games, and it's time for Felix, but when he walks out to take his place on the mound, he's wearing these horrendous blue and red socks. Everyone knows, you wanna be a Fresno Frog, you show your green socks (no stirrups 'round here) or you wear your long pants. This is not new.

And yet, here comes Felix, an otherwise beautiful man, who's throwing seeds out there, by the way, pitching the game of his life, and all anyone can look at are those god damned socks. I mean, we've been through some [censored]. We got The Prestige together. This will not do.

Tell me how to make Felix stop wearing these ridiculous socks. I've never needed help so badly.


Think your out of luck, for reasons only sds know, some players won't wear your team colors or equipment, just like catchers wear whatever they want.