DD All-Star Team Voting Results:


To everyone who replied in my thread from yesterday: thank you so much, it was super interesting to compile and analyze the results. Some surprises, some expected outcomes (cough Kluber), some close races (even a tie!) and a 10 vote winner in a runaway.

I discussed the results in the last 25 minutes (skip to 34 mins if you wish) of the new episode of The GoodOkay Podcast so I hope if you voted you’ll tune in to hear the compiled results as well as my votes and my thoughts on yours.

If you’re new to the podcast I appreciate you giving us a listen. This was an odd episode seeing as it was just me without my co-host Dylan; if you want a listen of what it usually sounds like with both of us in the booth, check out one of the other six episodes as well.

Anchor Link: https://anchor.fm/the-good-okay-podcast/episodes/Ep-7-Diamond-Dynasty-All-Star-Team-eghbbu
You can also find us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, among others. Just search “The GoodOkay Podcast”!

Thanks and have a great day!


Nice man! I enjoy the podcast. Keep it up!


Loved it!