Lineup Help


pick three best outfielders in your opinion out of these listed...
I am trying to fill out my outfield. I am comfortable will all of these players and can’t make decision

99 Reggie (.350 AVG 21 HRS)
99 Mantle (Just got but .400 3 HRS)
99 Sheffield ( .357 7 HRS)
96 Ellsbury (.482 12 HRS)
97 Belli (.356 8 HRS)
95 Trout (.323 20 HRS)

I would go reggie, Sheffield, and mantle, but I don’t want to have shaky corner defense. Let me know how they are defensively

My infield is Jackie (R), Ortiz (L), Hanley (R), Killebrew (R), Posey (R)


Out of those...

LF- Trout
CF- Mantle
RF- Belli


I would go Mantle, Sheffield, Bellinger. Personally I can’t hit with Reggie so that’s just preference but I think Belli can provide the same offense with much better defense.

LF Sheffield
CF Mantle
RF Bellinger