Blood Diamond Walker


Just got him. Finally. That is the most event games I’ve ever played before.

Just to put things in perspective, this is what I hit with him to unlock him.

255 ABs, .482, 44 HRs, 92 RBI.

That’s well over the needed amount for RBIs but that’s just what I accumulated trying to get 123 hits. The hits were the longest part.

Those numbers are 95% event with some BR and a few HOF RS games. No I didn’t ask for any hits whatsoever.

Now I just need 8 more hits with Bichette and I may never touch events again for awhile.


That’s impressive. I’m about 20 hits away. They really made those way too high


I’m 3 hits away.

270 AB .444AVG 51HRs 116RBIs.