Bats are awake!


On a 4 game losing streak! It seems like my 98 overall pitchers are throwing 100 mph meat pitches to my opponents. I mix my pitches up . Hit corners and still guys are taking me yard . Any suggestions on how to prevent the fireworks at the ball park ?


Imagine a dice being thrown, much like you’d see in Monopoly, or any board game. Now imagine a handful of dice being thrown simultaneously. If any of them land on 6, you give up a home run. That’s kind of what you’re up against in MLB the Show when pitching, or at least that’s my feeling.

It does not matter a jot if you make a perfect pitch, sometimes the game will randomly and arbitrarily throw the ball over the heart of the plate for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Change up below the zone with good input? Slow floating meatball with no apparent reason! This randomness is not limited to pitch accuracy either. When swinging, you can be early, late, have the ball directly in the PCI, or not really even close to the PCI and the game will still decide to award the hitter with an XBH or home run that has no bearing on user input whatsoever. This game is mostly based on a series of random nonsensical outcomes and nothing will change that going forward. It looks good, sounds good, content is good, but in terms of actual gameplay and mechanics, it’s absolutely terrible.


@ComebackLogic said in Bats are awake!:

Imagine a dice being thrown, much like you’d see in Monopoly

I hate when I get snake eyes in Monopoly