Yount moment


So I’ve been cruising along pretty well on these 1-3 moments. Finished about 65 so far. Most took 1-2 tries. Couple took 4-6. This yount 8 tb mission I’ve been on for close to 3 hours. I’ve tried my regular zone, normal for a while, power for a while. Switched to directional normal and then power for a while. Analog, same thing. I’ve hit maybe 5 hrs in at least 150 at bats, probably more.

Anyone have any tips here? This is on rookie for crying out loud, he has hitting machine and bomber. I literally tore my shirt out of frustration about an hour ago after yet another warning track shot


I just finished this one and based on my experience and what you're sharing, it sounds like this one is just psyching you out and is now in your head.

Is there any reason you have to get this one done right now? I think you should move on. Baseball, even virtual baseball, is a weird game. Seeing the ball poorly is a thing, and that definitely applies even moreso when you're bouncing around different difficulties messing up your timing. Even if it's technically easier, you're basically facing the equivalent of permanent eephus mode when you go from HOF to Rookie.

Way too many words to say... come back to it later when you're fresher?


You’re probably right. I’m just so in the zone, everything off the wall. I’ve had so many 3 double 1 single games my head is spinning


When I'm not willing to walk away and take a break, one semi-obvious thing I do that does wonders is:

I consciously lock onto the release point and even more consciously track the ball all the way to the bat with zero exceptions. If you're like me, it's easy to get lazy with your eyes on easier difficulties and especially when you're frustrated.

Just locking onto the release point and tracking the ball also helps me zen out a little bit.


Well, I beat it. But not before the most frustrating moment yet:

3-3 with 3 doubles, bottom 9, guy on first, line one down right field line to the wall. Guy on first scored before I made it to second. Thanks for the single.

Next game homer in first and second. 26k xp and 10 program stars at least