Position Player Stamina/Energy


I would like to see having to manage position player stamina/energy.. as far as Ranked Seasons, not really for BR/Events.

Wouldn't even make a drastic difference, with an example being in Franchise mode you can play 5, 6, 7 games straight before really having to make a move to your bench.

Obviously factor in particular postion for percentages (1B loses much less energy than C)

With 5 bench spots it would add a bit more strategy besides punch running & hitting & you'd still be able to pinch hit your resting players.
With so many solid players in the game it would add an interesting dynamic, plus a way to test the depth of your squad


I’ve always like this idea, and it would almost have to be implemented if MLB goes full time DH. If a DH is added to this game what is stopping you from simply having live series Mondesi, Austin Hedges, and Danny Santana on your bench. Would give people a reason to try out new cards instead of using the whole “I have Mantle, why would I need this card” etc.


I don’t like this idea just because of how broken it is in franchise. In real life. There are guys that can easily play 158-162 games in a year. Like high 150s is not unheard of. But the way franchise works is they have to rest every 6 games. Which means if they never got hurt they’d only play like 135-140 games. Which is only the amount of games players play if injured or not main starters. So unless they fix that I wouldn’t want this in DD