I didn't make as much as I should have if I sold last night, but I still had enough to get Rivera, Chapman and re-buy Walker (at 70k profit). Also found myself selling the TA3 cards that I had enough for and then buying a couple that were cheap because they'll go down.

But with the new cards, what's your line-up look like?!? Will having these cards help me hit high fastballs?!? (No, no they will not, I will still suck at this game).

  1. 2b - Brujan (I can't take him out of the lineup and I can low-key grind the rest of TB)
  2. CF - Mantle
  3. RF - Walker
  4. LF - Sheffield
  5. 3B -- Prestige Chipper (another guy I can't take out unless people REALLY think Brett is a huge improvement. Plus, switch hitter, which I need as a shitty hitter who cant hit L on Lefty).
  6. SS -- Prestige Correa (should upgrade)
  7. 1B -- Crime Dog (seemed like the best available lefty first baseman outside of Ortiz and bought him for 20k)
  8. C - Biggio

1- 99 Smoltz
2 - 98 Wood
3 - Hal
4 - Greinke (his card is too good to sell at like 18k or where its at now)
5 - Felix / Sixto

BP -- Gagne, Rollie, Henke, Wagner, Chapman, Dibble, Rivera