Team Affinity Stage 3 Predictions/New Legend Wishlist


After reading BodamEscapePlan predictions I was inspired to make my own:

Team Affinity Stage 3 Predictions/Wishlist (as of 6/27/20)

3 AL Legend Predictions:

Blue Jays: Carlos Delgado
Indians: Jim Thome
Angels: Francisco Rodríguez

Predictions (NL only):

NL East:
Nationals/Expos: Vladimir Guerrero
Phillies: Mike Schmidt
Marlins: Cliff Floyd
Braves: Greg Maddux
METS: Tom Seaver (or Keith/Piazza)

NL Central:
Cubs: Fergie Jenkins
Pirates: Honus Wagner
Reds: Joe Morgan
Cardinals: Stan Musial (or Gibson)
Brewers: Paul Molitor

NL West:
Giants: Juan Marichal
Dodgers: Duke Snider
Rockies: Dante Bichette (guarantee)
DBacks: Luis Gonzalez
Padres: Tony Gwynn


NL East:
Nationals/Expos: Tim Raines
Phillies: Ryan Howard
Marlins: Dontrelle Willis
Braves: Hank Aaron
METS: Darryl Strawberry

NL Central:
Cubs: Derek Lee
Pirates: Roberto Clemente
Reds: Sean Casey
Cardinals: Scott Rolen
Brewers: Prince Fielder

NL West:
Giants: Jeff Kent
Dodgers: Sandy Koufax
Rockies: Andres Galarraga
DBacks: Brandon Webb
Padres: Jake Peavy

AL East:
Yankees: Derek Jeter
Red Sox: Pedro Martínez
Orioles: Frank Robinson
Blue Jays: Carlos Delgado
Rays: Carlos Peña

AL Central:
Twins: Johan Santana
White Sox: Eddie Collins
Royals: Bo Jackson
Indians: Jim Thome
Tigers: Kirk Gibson

AL West:
Angels: Tim Salmon
Athletics: Eric Chávez
Mariners: Randy Johnson
Astros: Lance Berkman
Rangers: Juan González

Wishlist players omitted (due to troubles with MLB/recent deaths):
Pete Rose, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, Josh Hamilton, Roy Halladay, José Fernández, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa


There's a ton of players that could have been included but this was the best wishlist given how many players have trouble with MLB/MLBPA and who have recently died. I'm expecting most if not all of the 2020 HOF inductees to be put in after Larry Walker dropped.