Diamond Dynasty vs. Madden Ultimate Team deep dive


I have been playing both modes for a few years now, and here is my breakdown:

Gameplay/realism: both games certainly have their flaws here, but i would say madden more so than the show has some issues that aren’t getting addressed. Stadiums, player likeness, equipment, are all better in the show. The presentation is better in the show.

Content: while both modes recycle legends/promos to a large degree, I will give madden the upper hand here. Madden has better themed promos, the show feels more rinse and repeat with the inning system. With theme team boosts and more legends for lesser known teams, I think madden excels in this area. The one edge the show has is the ability to earn superior cards without spending a dime. Some of the best cards are free

Market/binder: The show has a superior market setup to madden imo, although this is kinda personal preference. However, maddens card binder is far more easy to navigate in my opinion. This is pretty much a matter of choice.

Solo play/challenges: madden revamped their solo challenges this year, and with solo battles as well giving good rewards. The show has showdown, conquest, moments, etc. both modes cater well to solo play

Online competition: madden offers more variety of online play (solo, draft, squads, WL) than the show. Madden is more annoying online and you experience more cheese than the show, running into meta schemes and animations. There are some signs of RNG/DDA in both modes, but I find more in madden than the show. Madden hurt the quality of play with abilities and X factors badly this year. I prefer maddens season format to the shows, however the show offers more transparency for ratings.

Servers: Both kinda suck tbh and could use work

Developers: EA is less willing to listen to players and make immediate change than SDS I feel. Pack odds are questionable in both games lol. Both teams have work to do. EA tries to steer players towards micro transactions more so than SDS

Final verdict: both modes are fun, however with their own flaws. I like both a lot. I do play more madden, as I just feel a football video game will always be a little more fun than a baseball video game, but I’m glad they both exist.


Mlb is better in every aspect in my opinion.. I played mut for 4 years before I quit, and DD for 3 years. Mlb has way better content/programs. Gameplay I like better. And the cards are 10x better like the art. They reward you for the XP reward path which has the best cards for free. And for the modes in DD they got Ranked Season, BR, Events, showdowns, momemts, conquest. EA has bunch of different currency which I didn't like, and don't get me started on training points. I'm more of a football guy also. But mlb the show is all around the better game. Just my opinion


I like both, but Madden straight up quitting the game with almost 4 months remaining leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

2k and The show pretty much put out good content until the end of the cycle.


I played 2k before coming to the show and it’s night and day. The game has its flaws, but rarely do I feel like I’m playing an arcade game. The missions in the game actually make me want to play the game - 2ks equivalent would be to play a 9 inning game and earn enough stubs to buy 1/10th of a pack. Then the power creep is absurd. Any player can have a 99 everything. Shaq crossing people up and draining 3s. Multiple 99s of the same players. Their version of a swing, the shot release, which is supposed to mimic the actual players releases has morphed over time toward the more “glitchy” ones, so there’s not even a point in learning how to use the players, they all preform the same, just with different shapes and sizes.