Quick manage - anybody use it?


Anybody use quick manage regularly?

I've used quick manage a few times before and had another crack at it today just for something different; Cespedes managed to hit 4-4 with 2 HRs and a double, 7 RBIs.

I really like it but it could do with some improvement, such as:

  1. It doesn't show the number of pitches a pitcher has thrown.
  2. I'd like bullpen management to be more hands-on (warming up).
  3. The box score gets cut off if it's too long, it appears.

There were quite a few other things that need tidying up I noticed while playing that I've now forgotten, maybe I'll add to this thread later.

I'm interested in the ideas of people who use it regularly and their thoughts on how it can improve.


I tend to use quick manage during post season games on my simulation franchises. gives me that feeling of some imersion without having my gameplay be a factor in the simulation. with sim franchises I tend to avoid playing the games as that would replicate my abbilities and skills, when a sim should be about just the player itself. so yes I love quick manage and i do wish they add a pitch count to it.