I had a game with my 1B on the Astros. The two SP had ERA of Astros 2.11, Blue Jays 7.20 by the 6th inning we were losing 4-0 and my player was 0-3, so I tried an experiment. I restarted the game and had similar results. After restarting 18 times I finally let it go with Astros winning 3-2 and my player going 1-3 with a SF. Then onto next game. Pitchers ERA Astros 1.89, Blue Jays 7.62 and after 12 restarts the results are always about the same Blue Jays are ahead by 3-4 runs by the 6th and my player has no more than one hit which is a single. I understand that sometimes good pitchers have a bad day and lousy pitchers will do well but this is pathetic. The only explanation is it is predetermined that 1. Blue Jays will win, 2. My player will do bad and 3. the Blue Jays pitcher will pitch a gem. By the way the outs from my guy were hard hit right at someone or highlight reel catches.