Sell a ton to lock in NL?


I am the usual suspects away from the entire LS collection. The only 90+ LS card I have locked in is Scherzer.

I can sell a ton to cards and lock in NL, which include:

And many of the Henchmen Golds (Dunn, Ripken, etc...)

The only cards listed above I really use are Kemp, Miggy, and Murray. However, selling all of this would put me in a big hole if I want to go for the Honus type collection.

Is it worth it for Sheffield? Should I just keep holding out until I can collect the whole LS? I am at Prestige 30, so I am getting closer to a free 90+ LS Choice Pack. Maybe I wait on that first?


That’s a tough one. I’d say hold on just a bit longer. I got Sheff and Mickey last week. Mickey has been awesome, but I’ve struggled with Sheff. I much prefer Biggio. That being said, Sheff will get some time in the event today so maybe I’ll come around. You’re close to a free 90+. That’s at least 100k saved right there.


Have you done or do you plan to do the AL for Mantle? If so, you may as well do the NL now to use Sheffield in the event (if you’re interested in events). If you’re not planning on the whole collection, it’s a tougher call, but probably still worth it.

I just finished the collection and love sheff and mantle - but it was 3 months of focusing on nothing but that to get there.


you get back quite a few stubs from completing the collections. can buy back 1 or 2 of the cards you sold. hit level 30 sell that card and buy back everything.