Major collection


I hate speculation, but here I go. I wonder if the major collection reward will feature all of the prospect cards, like the Adell, Rutschman, Witt? I assume with the way it’s set up that the players league will be a part of it (if there is a major collection). Also wonder about the POTM, FOTF and future stars being a part.

I have so many stubs socked into these collections (but not locked in yet). I wish they could tell us if there was a major collection reward coming. I know they won’t. I don’t even need to know what will be included, just if one is coming or not.

My thinking is if it’s a player I just have to have (which is how I felt about Mantle) then I’d lock them in. If not, I’ll sell when the time comes.

Does anyone remember if stadiums were a part of Honus last year?


Stadiums were not, it was just cards like SS, All-star, Veteran, etc.


Strictly player items last year