I usually don't play into the comeback theories but this one has me a bit ticked. It 0-0 going into extra innings. I'm not the greatest hitter, but im decent at pitching, I send a friendly quit in the 10th because this game was taking forever and I had to get ready for work. Request denied, no biggie ill just play until I've really got to go.

Its the 13th and hes been going hi FB and curves in the dirt to me all game, so I just sit hi FB. String together a couple hits and score a run. Bottom of the 13th hes up I've got Fingers pitching, let up a hit. No big deal, he steals second, I've got Posey behind the plate and not worried. So I'm mashing triangle and he doesn't even attempt the throw. Next pitch is a strike 3 in the dirt that goes right between his legs to the backstop. Hes safe at 1st, and now has runners at the corners. Then its a routine groundball to short, Crawford gathers it I go to home but he bobbles it and the runner is safe. Strike out the next batter. Then its a base hit to walk it off.

Almost broke the controller, instead I just stood up, took a deep breath, then said a couple expletives, and got ready for work.