Does overall attribute affect Ranked Season Matchmaking?


I am recently having a lot of trouble finding matches in ranked season. When I do find matches, it is against people who are prestige/high diamond level who have all of the collections done (overall much better teams, and usually better players too). This didn't use to happen to me until my overall attribute number moved up to 95. When I was under 95 I was really good: I made it up to 840 this season by winning 4 or 5 in a row, and then I got up to 95 and the following 4-5 games took a really long time to find (multiple refreshes) and when I finally found a game I got absolutely wrecked. That had never happened to me before, and I consider myself a pretty decent player--not the best but I think good enough to make World Series (was 34 games over .500, hit and pitch fairly well). And it isn't like the issue of finding a match stopped once I got demoted from Championship Series--the issue persisted as I kept falling down the ranks of Division Series too. I also remember I had a fairly similar struggle (though not nearly as bad) early on in the game as I transitioned from a mostly gold team to a mostly diamond team.

So: Does the overall team attribute affect matchmaking? Or have I just run into extremely bad luck? Could the reason I struggle to find matches be that nobody is playing Ranked Season?

Or finally: Do I actually suck?


As far as I know, it's not supposed to affect anything. I believe everyone is grinding programs and conquest tonight, so the player count is low in RS.