Needed franchise info ingame


Is no one really playing in Franchise mode? Or do they just not care that no care has been given to Franchise managers for years?

Why is Lefty-Righty info not available anywhere for pitchers except in the team's manager-bullpen screen ingame? So, they must be keeping the data, but you can't see it ANYWHERE else (in stats, in your roster, etc.) ??

They keep Lefty-Righty hitting stats, even for pitchers, but you can't see this data during a game?

You can't see batters' "energy during a game to help you decide who to bring in, if you want to manage the energy of your bench.

Has anyone else noticed that the interface to the franchise mode slowly degrades over the year? This (2019) is the third version of the game where, half-way trhough a season a base hit to left field will be announced as "a foul ball down the line," after a few months. No kidding! I have no idea how that could be. By the same token, after several months, newly announced pitchers into the game will no longer show their innings, batting averages, etc., when entering mid-inning. Snd no, neither my PS3 nor PS4 showed problems with ANY other game.

I've played computer baseball games for decades. I was the first to program Crowther and Woods' "Adventure" to a micro-computer in the mid 70s. (Really. Translated their Fortran Code, which Woods was very kind to give me the printout of, right there from Stanford, one night.) I programmed Richmond's Strat-O-Matic Baseball and Basketball onto a micro-computer in the late 70s, long before he did. (But no boffo graphics.) (And yes, I used them for my own personal use, only.)

Since 2005 and EA's baseball game, and through The SHOW, and with Mlb 2K since 2013, I've played every year, at least 3 seasons per year, plus side games. That works oit to at least 240 thousand at bats, and 240,000 pitchers-face batters. Actually, it's much closer to half a milliion each.

I'm not bragging. I just like baseball.

But, a lot of info that a franchise manager needs during a game is not provided, and, as a programmer, I can SEE how it could fit on the "during-game" info screens. There is really no excuse why it isn't, . . . .. UNLESS:

  1. They don't care;
  2. They are inept;
  3. They might prefer to channel users into game formats that pay them $ over the season;
  4. They actually have no clue why a franchise manager might want real-time info on whether a .250 right handed hitter might actually hit .290 against a righty.

Again, I think they are recording this info. They just aren't bothering to give us a UI that shows it to us.


I hate that when you get farther in it makes you take 90% of people in FA:(


I think it's a combination of indifference and lack of knowledge. They don't want to put a ton of effort into a mode that doesn't make them money. I also would say they probably don't have a ton of team members with a deep understanding of baseball itself. It's why trade logic stinks, CPU in game managing is atrocious and franchise is surface level team building. They obviously understand the game but in order to put together a truly competent baseball sim, you have to REALLY understand the game and I don't think they do