I had one of those games last night where it seemed like I was in the twilight zone. I matched up with an opponent that I was clearly better than and all of sudden couldn’t hit. I was striking out on pitches I would never strikeout on and taking pitches right down the middle. I just couldn’t pick the ball up like I normally do. As for my opponent, he was one of those people that can’t hit, takes pitches for the sake of taking pitches not because he recognized what was being thrown. Would attempt to bunt with two strike. Hit and run on just about every pitch when he had runners on struck out more than 10 times on terrible pitches which only solidified my belief that he wasn’t actually taking pitches because he was recognizing what was being thrown. All his contact was weak. Then BOOM launches a 450 foot homer with a 60 power guy on a perfectly placed pitch that he had rolled over on the whole game prior to that moment. Fortunately for me it only fired me up. I switched hitting views from Strikezone high to Strikezone and was able to tie the game on him in the bottom of the 9th and then walk him off in the 10th. I’m sure every good person has those games from time to time please share your most frustrating moment.