Should this rinse-and-repeat cause customer anger?

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TL;DR you got lucky and won a game 1-0 and then the skill gap showed when people beat your higher rated team with lesser players because they had better user input.


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@dcordash1 said in Should this rinse-and-repeat cause customer anger?:

This game has absolutely no emphasis on card ratings. And, for sure, controller input. It's just goofy animation plastered on the screen.

And we know it, and we gripe and complain about it..but SDS doesn't care. Because they can't design a sports simulation. They can design a pretty cool MLB animation presentation, but not a simulation. But they sure market it as if it were a simulation.

In my first game today I beat a diamond team with my half-a$s gold team. 9-inning 1-0 snooze-fest.

Then run into 3 straight games with silver pitchers, gold lineups. All opponents Bronze supposedly. Where this wave of non-diamond teams came from this late in the year I haven't a clue. Don't know if SDS is just scamming out bot-teams in RS. Perhaps, who knows what they do?

First game I had 4 straight hits culminated in a grand slam and my opponent quits. I can sure understand that. I was just swinging at anything in the box and blasting balls I shouldn't have been. Ridiculous animation produced for unworthy bat swings. Just randomized stupidity as always. But, whatever. We're all used to that.

Next game. Kyle Hendricks pitches for 8 innings and I get two hits. My opponent is just falling over himself striking out to the tune of 18 or so. But, I knew it was coming, a bunt that my pitcher just stumbles over trying to field ends up with a guy on 1B. Next batter blasts a over..rage begins to set in.

Next game, pretty much the same scenario. Only this one went 14 innings. 0-0. Again Diamond rated batters can't hit silver/gold pitchers.

Well, I was hitting them..AI said "Nope, this one will be a roll-over, this one deep fly, this one double-play, and so on". Meanwhile my starter-bullpen has broken Kari Wood's KO record. Then inning #14, some token 81-rated batter wearing the golden sombrero...hits a perfect changeup that was targeted to land about 6 inches below the zone...just drops right in the middle of the plate and screams "HIT ME". And he did...and that game was over.

Just shameful. C'mon make it feel real. We know your game is a sham, but at least make your customers feel like there is some bit of meaning to card-ratings and controller-input. Is that too much to ask?

Cool story.


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