I have noticed for a while that it seems like when I go against a pitcher with a high ERA he pitches a gem. I started to notice also that when the pitcher on my team has a low ERA he would get slammed, many time by a sub .500 team. So I started to keep track to see if I was correct. In one minor league season of 140 games the opposing pitcher had an ERA at 6 or higher in 29 games and of those games my team would score 0 or 1 run only in 16 of them. Also pitcher on my team had an ERA under 3 in 62 games and would give up 4 or more runs in less than 5 innings in 14 of those games of which 10 were against a team with a losing record. I know that IRL a good pitcher will sometimes have a bad game and vice versa. But the amount of times it happens in this game seems unusually high. The reason I kept track is because I have had guys get on here an argue with about this.