Guide to drafting BR teams


To start this off I should say that I'm not elite at this game but I'm usually good for a few BR 12-0 runs per year and I got one the other day so I thought I would write a guide on how I draft and people can share strategies. This year is very different from other years with no inside edge boosts so far, 3 batter minimums for pitchers, and stamina that carries over between games so I'll discuss this year in particular and some of the guys that I look for in drafts.

To start, I think that your bronze cards are what makes or breaks a team, especially the 70-74s. The hitters I really like to grab as starters are 2B Keston Hiura, LF Khris Davis, RF Franmil Reyes. As for pitchers, I wouldn't mind grabbing a decent 70-74 lefty starter just so I can use him as a RP when needed. For lefty RPs I like Zach Britton, Jose Alvorado, AJ Minter, Tony Watson, Amir Garret, Jake Diekman, Aaron Bummer, and Tanner Scott. There are fewer bronze rightly RPs I really like to hit but Pat Neshek, Emmanuel Clase. Jordan Hicks, and a few other hard throwers I like.

Now for hitter drafting strategies. I prefer to draft for power over other attributes and 1B, LF and RF are positions you can reliably get a good silver at so I prefer not to draft these positions until a good silver shows up. 2B is by far the hardest to find in my estimation so if I can find a guy like gleyber torres, Howie Kendrick, a good 85-94 diamond, or an infielder with 2B as a secondary I make it a priority to get those guys.

To reduce the risk of missing out on a position of need, I try to make sure I grab at least 6 or 7 guys I want to start before I draft my full lineup so im not relying on luck to get a position of need in the bench spots.

For my rotation, I rarely draft a good or better SP and prefer to only draft 1 or maybe 2 silver SPs so I can save the silvers for the lineup and bullpen. I try to fill my bullpen as much as i can with good bronzes since there are quite a few of them compared to at other positions, and fill the rest of my pen with mostly good silvers. Generally I like to have 2 or 3 LHPs in the bullpen but I could go with 4 if I get some good bronzes or 1 if I have at least 1 LHP starter I can use out of the bullpen. While I try to avoid commons or bad bronzes in the bullpen (since you'll probably need all 7 RPs to make a run at 12-0), all pitchers will struggle so I never take diamonds and only occasionally take golds.

Now to talk about specific rarities. For the diamonds, I'm looking for some big hitters to carry my lineup, preferably at positions other than LF, RF and 1B when possible but if I have to take someone like Thames, Sheffield, Gallo, or Taylor Trammel to name a few I will go there. Gold hitters are more of a crapshoot, but if I can find a good 2B/ C, that would be ideal.

Silvers have really nice hitters at most positions so I'll go and list some of my favorites. I'll update this if I remember more.
C- none, try to get schwarber or a gold/diamond if possible
1B- Encarnacion, Eddie Murray
2B- Howie Kendrick
SS- Tim Anderson, Mondesi
3B- Sano, Moncada
LF- Schwarber(can play C too), Joc, Eloy, Kingman
CF- Hicks
RF- Soler, Conforto

Sorry for the long post and I hope it was helpful. I'll update this as I remember more things


I accidentally hit post to8p early so I edited in parts I left out. I'll add more as I remember it and if anyone has any more tips they use


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