Ricky caught by catcher..or was he


Another example of animation that doesn't match the outcome. Henderson scrambling back to 3rd in a run down. Do you think the catcher caught him? Regardless, he was out..inning over..I lost the game by one run. Coulda it have been different if the out wasn't declared wrong, no the AI would have found another way to assure the opponent win.

Point is...this sort of stuff needs to be absent from a $99 game.



comment on own post..I'm not proud.

The first thing to point out is this is a catcher in full gear chasing Ricky Henderson (top base stealer in MLB history). Ricky sliding head first as the catcher actually passes him. Now, you can look it up yourself, but a player reaches base 1/7 second quicker by sliding than running through it. So, this means not only did a catcher in full gear catch and pass one of the fastest players in history....the catcher actually makes the most gain during a slide which is faster than a run.

Again, these guys put no thought into physics when it's time for the AI to take over the game. It's like when the code kicks in to help one opponent win by preventing a run or whatever, the resulting animation is just fantasy-land. And, guys on this board keep repeating "why are you so mad about a game". Well, we're just mad we've been bamboozled more than anything else.


Also, in case you didn't catch it yourself, this is a video example that ratings mean nothing in this game. Henderson 99 speed, Posey (who I believe was in the case) has 40. In full gear I would guess 20. But he catches a sliding Ricky Henderson. I don't get it.