Come to this conclusion


Because of the design of this game, if it were a true simulation and all on the up and up..not falsely created animation..just about everyone would excel.

All you have to do is swing the bat in the right spot at the right time. Time your pitch coordinates so you always hit the corners and edges. Anyone, not completely and totally impaired or challenged, with 5-10 hours invested can hit those sweet spots consistently.

Because of this gameplay just wouldn't work if the software company didn't design all sorts of questionable animation in to create a false environment of competition. An attempt to create excitement, pressure, interest in general.

There is really very little in this game that user's have control of other than the swing and a degree.

Been said time and again the pitch, regardless of where you place it will end up right in the middle of the zone way too often. Why, so the folks using directional, or beginner's using directional, can get those one or 2 homeruns a game and get a satisfying win under their belt. In order to keep their interest.

Same goes with the swing. I use zone as most on this forum do. I believe I get the bat in the spot where the ball is heading within a fraction of an inch and with proper timing the majority of pitches. Of course, the animation shows my bat swing off the majority of the time. Why, to keep me, and everyone else that has spent a few hours, from hitting a home run on virtually every pitch. Wouldn't be much fun for anyone. So, enter the AI to just rewrite history.

Due to the limitations the software imposes you can't really get good at this game. Because, it's a floating set of metrics. True simulation creates a consistent playing field that allows you to get better through experience. Take a flight simulator for example.

That's not what MLB the Show is about. It's not about Sports Simulation. It's about letting the AI control the experience in order to ensure parity and "attempt" to keep everyone coming back.

And, that's why people complain, gripe, rage-quit, etc. Because we're all getting cheated. And, just about as often, the AI cheats in our behalf. But, when the AI cheats for us and we get that win, perhaps we don't deserve..we don't complain.

It is what it is...simulation it's not.


Perfect example, Daniel Murphy I hit a good okay homerun, his next at bat a perfect perfect deep fly ball. The game is so broken it isn’t fun anymore