Events strategy


So I’ve been forfeiting entry after 1 game just to get my innings and K’s for Feller. I don’t care about the total win rewards card. I’ve noticed I’ve been winning a lot more games this way then continuing (competition ranks go up? Not certain)

Does anyone know how events decides matchmaking? Is it based on where you both stand w total wins?

Example first game I’ve faced both losing record players and World Series players. Mb it’s just a coincidence but I’m continuing to forfeit entry after 1st game to stack these W’s faster


It's based on the current run.

So if I am on a 3-0 run, it tries to match me up with someone else 3-0. It's pretty much the same way BR matchmaking works.
Since you are restarting your runs, you are facing someone else who just started/restarted their run.


Thanks @eatyum, you Sir, are a positive source of knowledge & insight on this forum and only wish more were like you