Due to inactivity in my league. I am searching for 5 new owners. The Cubs, Brewers, Dodgers, Twins and Mets are OPEN.

This is a 10-team league, 27- game season. We recently just started so there is plenty of season left to be played. We play on Hall of Fame Difficulty for Batting and Pitching. Play 9 inning games! Balks are ON, so no quick pitching can be done!! Guess Pitch and Quick Counts are OFF.

You must be an ACTIVE owner!! Do NOT join if you can not commit to playing. Don’t waste my time or yours!! That simple!! We do use FB messenger group chat for the league to get games played so you must join!
I asked all owners to play 2-4 games a week with the goal of 4. I consider my league on the relaxed side.
If you are interested send me a message on PSN, JBoo2911... FB message me Justin Bouy or just comment on this below and I’ll get in touch with you.