One of the biggest complaints of the game is hitting. And I agree, hitting a HR on a pitch I’m early on and on the edge of my PCI isn’t very satisfying. Even worse when you give up a HR in the same circumstances. Then a perfect perfect is a double play. So what should the breakdown of timing be?

Perfect/perfect: HR 100% if power is over a certain number, 90% over a certain number, 80% over a certain number etc. AND a hit 100% of the time?

Good/Good: HR a certain percent of the time depending on PCI placement and certain power and contact numbers?

Eliminate Good/Okay when ball is in the middle of PCI

Early/late swing could be a time to benefit the contact hitters by rewarding them more. But shouldn’t be a HR

Does SDS have the ability to control these kind of outcomes?

What would be some good breakdowns?