Who else can't stand HOF+?


I rather have fun playing HR derby on AS in BR/events than try to grind through RS on HOF.

Pitch speeds are high. I'm sure it's due to me getting old (35) hence the new PSN name but goodness sinkers in this game ruin HOF+ for me. The "wiggle" out of the hands looks like offspeed therefore it creates a hesitation on my part which results in pure guessing.

Hitting feedback is inconsistent and my game are usually low scoring. I'd rather just have fun being able to actually catch up to pitches on AS. I have a 1ms monitor so any error of not catching up to it is 100% on me.

I think it's why I run into very few "average" players. Everyone I seem to face has a really good record and is a solid player.

Anyways, back to BR & events and resuming the "All-Star Warrior" mentality


I agree. I won 8 of 10 games to climb back up to DS and now have no desire to play RS. I want to hit WS, but I also want to have fun.