I just played the first mini boss, Kirby Yates, in the NL West Showdown. If this doesn't prove Divisional Showdowns are rigged (2nd stage Showdowns seem fine to me), I don't know what does. Here is each of my at bats and the results.

1st batter: perfect/perfect liner. result: line out
2nd batter: good/squared up. result: line out
3rd batter: good/squared up. result: line out
4th batter: walk
5th batter: good/good. result: GIDP
6th batter: good/squared up. result: flyout
7th batter: late/okay. result: flyout
8th batter: late/okay. result: double down the LF line
9th batter: strikeout looking (DOT)
10th batter: perfect/perfect liner. result: single to CF, runner at 1st advances to 3rd
11th batter: strikeout chasing outside the zone.
12th batter: good/okay. result: flyout to left, runner on third scored
13th batter: perfect/perfect grounder. result: single up the middle, runner on 1st advances to 3rd.
14th batter: good/okay. result: GIDP, ending the showdown.

By my calculations, this Showdown should have been finished by the 3rd batter at the earliest, and the 6th batter at the latest. But I guess SDS just hates rewarding good contact and prefers a completely RNG based game.